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Hi i just registered here, only to say that i appreciate Chris's User Agent addon and has proved very beneficial and convenient in firefox 56. I never upgraded to firefox quantum because many addons were not supported, but i really need to upgrade soon now. Please Chris can you make this beautiful user agent work for Quantum?

I think the community would really appreciate it. Its such a simple yet powerful privacy addon, please dont let it die out. Give the people what they need! :)

thanks in advance
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Chris doesn't live here.

I myself moved to Firefox extended service release, and will simply stop updates when it gets to EOL.

I share your views on the utility of Chris's tools, which is why I decided to support his useragent switcher by maintaining the user agent switcher list here, that's my contribution to his projects sort of.

There's very little however he can do about certain things, the API for webext is very very limited, for me, it's basically useless in terms of what the extensions can do with it, and that's not the fault of the hard working extension authors, that's because webext is designed to not permit the depth of access that the firefox extensions could have.

His web developer toolbar for example is absolutely essential, and the new stuff simply has no access to the critical features I rely on for development.

My feeling is that user agent switcher may be doable for Chris if he wants to spend the time, but I believe he's focusing right now on his Web Developer extension re his finite developer time. Unless webext doesn't support altering the user agent, sigh. That's a black/white, yes/no thing, it either does or it does not.

I'm also waiting to see what happens, but firefox long term support takes me well into 2018 so I'm sticking with that for now because I need and use these tools in production, and the stuff that webext supports is far too restricted.

But I share your views.
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