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Web Design :: SEO

If you are looking for Client, Web Design, or Search Engine Optimization services, please visit our resources page. currently has two main purposes (although we are in the process of expanding it significantly):

  1. To be a source of technical information on web related subjects ( thus the 'tech' ), including various problems and bugs and solutions to these problems we have found. If you have found some interesting bugs, or have questions on how to do various things, feel free to post them in our Tech Forums
  2. To be an ongoing experiment with how to use some of the various web technologies out there, including CSS 1 and 2, plus some experimental CSS 3 stuff, XHTML 1.0, Javascript / ECMA, and PHP.

    The site pages, for example, are made out of only positioned <div> elements, no tables, no graphics, except for a a tiny .png 4 square pixel graphic used to create the opaque effect on the purple header bar (only necessary because Opera/Safari have no opacity support). There are also a few Flash Objects here and there on the site.

This part of the website is made exclusively with technologies that simply won't work on NS4, and that work incompletely on IE4, so rather than support these old, and in the case of Netscape 4.x, seriously flawed, browsers, we decided to see what these web technologies could do if set free from such restrictions ( see what it looks like in Netscape 4x browsers currently.)

This Catalan flag, for example, is not an image, but is made from sized and colored div tags.

Each main section has an 'overview' section that can be reached by clicking on the main section header.