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Free Scripts — Javascript, PHP etc...

We have made some basic scripts that are proving relatively popular, so we have decided to add this section for your convenience.

The left nav bar has a menu of what scripts are available, under the 'downloads' section.

All scripts have been thoroughly tested, although of course no script is ever perfect, so they will be modified as time goes by. There is a 'last modified by' date scripted in next to each download so you can see if it has changed from the version you have.

PHP & Javascript Browser, Operating System (OS), & Language Detection

We have made a fairly workable group of browser detection scripts. Go here for Javascript Browser Detection to download the script, and go here for our PHP Browser Detector Scripts.

New! PHP Language detection script. More features to come soon, but basic method works fine.

Javascript Cookie Script

Here you can get a Javascript Cookie script. This page also has basic setup instructions for how to use the cookies script.

.htaccess Spider Blocking

A starter script for .htaccess spider blocking, plus many links to get better and more powerful solutions to keep unwanted spiders out of your site.

MS Word to HTML Conversion Macro Script

Because our clients tend to send us MS word documents containing many characters not allowed in XHTML we have created two macros that will get rid of most of the worst offenders. Go to our MS Word to HTML characters to download the macro.

Programming Philosophy

We do not have any interest in working with any version of Microsoft's .asp, or any other proprietary web scripting/programming languages, such as Sun's .jsp, or Macromedia's Coldfusion .cfm. Maybe you want to spend your life chasing after unknown and unfixable bugs, hidden corporate agendas, and whatever else is tossed into those proprietary (read: non-free, non-open source) programming languages, while helping those same companies make even more money by making web pages that are built to run on only their servers.

We don't want to spend our lives in that kind of rat race, so we take the simple step to just not do it.

All these languages tend to incorporate and reflect their respective corporations' greedy, monopolistic and maniacally ego-driven corporate cultures. The code they put out is almost always sloppy and rushed, released well before it should have been due to their constant desire to be first out in the market, in order to beat the competition, rather than waiting so that they can actually make the stuff work right on final release. Our philosophy is that if the language isn't open source, we will not help whatever company promotes it prosper with our energy, which is what you are doing if you work with their code for your clients or yourself.

Don't waste your life, you only have one. We have seen too many people get eaten up by thinking that working for this kind of entity would not destroy them in the end (R.I.P to our friends who have fallen into this trap, unless you manage to pull yourselves out and come to your senses).

Download Notes

Generic programs like MS Notepad will not open these downloaded text files correctly.

Please use your text editor (for example, our personal favorite, EditPlus, or HTML-Kit, BB edit, etc. to open them.

If you just want to take a look at them in your browser, go to the bottom of the page and click the Manual Download links.