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Downloads—MS Word to HTML characters Conversion Macro

The MS Word to HTML characters macro is pretty simple, it contains two macros, one to translate MS ' and " to their HTML character set equivalents, and the other to convert things like © to their HTML equivalent. We have found that this macro takes care of most of the more common MS Word characters, as well as certain specific formatting techniques our clients use, although of course we are always adding to it as we find more.

We usually run these two instead of one macro on word documents to avoid errors on quotation marks on some pages, for example word docs that contain url's in quotation marks.

We also have the two macros put together so you only have to run one, for special characters and quotes.

To install these macros simply cut and paste them into your existing MS Word Macro file, you can reach that if you have already created a macro by choosing the 'edit' option in your macros, then just paste in these 2 macros to that file. If you haven't created a macro, just create any macro, then stop it, go in to edit it, delete the macro text if you don't need it, and replace it with this text, then save it.

Please note that this script doesn't create the actual HTML for the page, it just converts the characters that would be illegal in correct HTML, and replaces them with HTML characters.

Our MS Word to HTML Macros

Download: 2 Macros – MS Word to HTML characters Macro, Magic Quotes to HTML
Current Version: 1.0.1
File Last Modified: August 24, 2004. 10:24:48 am

Download: Single MS Word to HTML characters Macro – quotes and characters
Current Version: 1.0.1
File Last Modified: January 14, 2006. 00:39:25 am

Please note that the first one is two macros in text file. The second one is both macros condensed into one macro. Make sure to cut out the exact script you need, then paste that into your existing macros file in MS Word. If you don't have any custom macros, you'll need to create one to create that file for you to edit, then you can go in and edit it.

This text file does not include directions, since MS uses that retarded ' commenting technique which makes commenting a pain.

This code is more or less what we use for all customer updates we receive in .doc format for all our websites.

Help Setting up the Macro

If you have no idea how to setup MS Word macros using scripts, or have a problem with these Macros, you can post your MS Word Macro questions in our Software Forum.

Excuse Section

We don't pretend to be any good at VBA, visual basic for applications, the simplified VB, and we don't care. This is as far as we want to go with MS programming, it works, which is all we need. If you are a great VB programmer and think the way we did this is stupid, you're probably right, but we don't care, since at least we haven't wasted our lives learning MS's planned obsolesence programming languages.

Manual Downloads

If for some reason the above download link didn't work, you can use these manual downloads:

Download Notes

Generic programs like MS Notepad will not open these downloaded text files correctly.

Please use your text editor (for example, our personal favorite, EditPlus, or HTML-Kit, BB edit, etc. to open them.

If you just want to take a look at them in your browser, go to the bottom of the page and click the Manual Download links.