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PHP User Agent Language Detection

This script detects your system language as reported by the requesting user agent. It uses the PHP $_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE"] method. Please note: the script will only be able to determine the languages sent by the user agent visiting the site; the actual system language[s] is as far as we know not accessible to this type of detection.

Your Computer Box

We've been asked how to implement the "Your Computer Information" box on this page, so we put it in a script.

Download: 'Your Computer' Box Script
Current Version: 1.3.4
File Last Modified: February 16, 2014. 18:02:39 pm

This script is a simplified version of the one to your left, for easy use.

PHP Language Detection

NEW! - PHP system language detection script. Check it out if that's something you need for your site.

Your Computer

Operating System:


Current Browser / UA:

User Agent: Crawl
Full Version Info: Not Available

HTML Support

HTML 5 Basic: None (or poor)
HTML 5 Forms: None (or poor)

System Language

Primary Language id: en-us
Primary Language:
English (United States)


PHP Browser Detection

Run Time: 0.00013995 Seconds

The script returns a two dimensional array of values. Each language has the following returned:

  1. Full language id – example: 'en-us'
  2. Primary language id – example: 'en'
  3. Full language string – example: 'English (United States)
  4. Primary language string – example: 'English'

Since some systems have many languages installed, the script returns an array of those languages, the first array in that series is the primary language, the second the secondary, and so on.

Please Link to our Site

It would really help us out, and help other people find this information, if you could add a link to our site in exchange for these scripts. Thanks.

<a href = ""> PHP Language Detection</a>

Download PHP Language Detection Script

Download: PHP Language Detection Script
Current Version: 0.4.0
File Last Modified: September 18, 2015. 16:12:20 pm

This script is currently being developed, and will have more features someday. Currently it can return the full array of languages, or set headers to redirect page to correct language version. Cookies may be added one day, or not.

This is the raw data that the script has processed, from your computer:

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