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Tables or Div?

Table and Frame Samples
Color code:
  • Frames
    • Outer Frame: Blue
    • Inner Frame: Yellow
  • Tables
    • Outermost table: fuchsia
    • Second level: lime
    • Third (inner): red
    • Fourth (innermost): yellow

  1. We begin with a true masterpiece of exquisite table engineered html from a Spanish phone company [sorry, you'll have to close a few error boxes before it appears]:
  2. Then we have some standard examples:
  3. And then a brief lesson in how not to do this stuff:

Web Design Site

Please go here if you are looking for our web design site, Phoenix Web Technologies.

Rather than clutter up this site with client information, we decided to create a separate web design site. Check it out, it's pretty cool, has super advanced CSS construction.