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It makes sense to me.

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The ubuntu kernel and drivers are released to work together.

The final thing on ubuntu, if you use the ubuntu fglrx package, and the ubuntu kernel, those are designed to work together, in fact, one of the only distros, along with redhat/fedora, that amd actually supports is ubuntu.

I think other distro should do that too. There is no meaning to release updates that breaks the user space of users who are not knowing exactly what they are doing.

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No, you misunderstand, amd itself is the problem, not the distros. Amd basically makes sure that there is a driver for redhat and ubuntu, even if it's a beta, that supports the next release version.

Unlike nvidia, which supports kernels and xorg versions, not specific distros, amd has never been able to do that, so they hack out some stuff to let ubuntu ship with a set of driver/kernels that usually will work. But if you add a newer card during that release cycle, it will of course not work, same with a newer kernel or xorg version.

I have no idea in this case what the cause is, I saw clearly in xorg.0.log that fglrx is in fact loaded and running your desktop with the direct sgfxi install, there could be a bug in that specific driver release, I can't tell you what the problem is exactly.
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