Not able to send e:mails, but can receive
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I keep getting the message REJ.RCPT-003 that is listed on

What does this mean and how can I sort it it out and send e:mails again.

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Sounds to me like either your computer, or your email server computer, has been taken over by spammers.

If you're an average windows user, that's quite common.

Two scenarios: 1: your local pc is filled with malware, and is what's known as a zombiebot pc, which means it's being used by whoever pays the person who is running it remotely, often for sending spam.

2: you are using a super cheap email hoster, that serves a bunch of domains, many of which are taken over by spammers, using similar methods as above. These domains are all hosted on the same IP address.

But I find this less likely, I'd guess that it's your PC that has been taken over.

Go over to the antivirus information thread and run at least: avg, nod32 trial version, then antivir for good measure.

If all come up clean, you may be ok, but I would guess you're not.
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