set aand get cookies does not work in Firefox
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I use script from your site to create cookie, get and delete cookie. It is working perfect for IE, but not for Firefox. Here is what is the problem: I have page that ask user for its age and ask for email address if is >16 and ask for parent email if it is small. than 16. I set cookies to expire after 30 min and if user is small, after reload the page it still prompts for parent address. The code is working perfect for IE but not for Firefox and Mac Safary - with this browsers it is prompting alwais for Parent address.
Any ideas?
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It's hard to say, you're probably setting the cookie wrong, then msie is handling the situation wrong, which makes you think msie is working and firefox/safari are not. this is the javascript cookie script being used.

Cookie behavior is not intuitive. The only way to be certain that a cookie is set or deleted properly is with javascript.

There's so many places you could have made a mistake here it's really not possible to say for sure where it is.

Simplify your code, and test the cookie value at each step with an: alert(cookie-value); type debugging test.

do this in all the browsers, until you begin to see where the data is going wrong, and when, and how.
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