Can't See Across Wireless Bridge In MS Networks
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I have a shed outside where I keep a couple of computers and I wanted to connect them, but running a cable isn't very practical.
I bought another router with bridge mode capability (Planet wrt-414) and have set it up out there. I can connect to the internet with my computers out there, but I can't see the indoor computers from there or the reverse.
In the house we have a cable modem, then a Belkin wireless router.
The outside router/bridge is connecting to the Belkin router ok via wireless, but not making the computers under it's own network visible to the main inside network. I thought MS network protocols would bring them up, but no. They are all in workgroup Mshome.
How can I see the computers in the other network is a case like this?

:: Code ::
                                         computer 1    (
modem -  Belkin wireless rtr  --       computer 2    etc
                                       Planet wireless rtr/bridge(wan
                                                      computer 3 (
                                                      computer 4  etc

I tried to set up the bridge with a static ip and let it be part of the indoor network, just to extend the range, thinking I could then connect my computers with wire to the ports and let them get addresses from the inside router. No separate outdoor network.
I couldn't get that happening, but maybe I didn't do it correctly. I'd like to know if that is the wrong idea or just that I made a mistake trying to do it.

The current arrangement gets me connected to the internet quickly, but I can't see the other computers, which is what I would like.

Setup on the planet (outside) device:
wan - type wireless
- dynamic ip address
lan - dhcp enabled.
firewall - disabled
security - wep 128 with same key as others (I have a win98 machine in the mix which won't connect with wpa)

Belkin router:
Wireless Bridging - enabled, ch 11 same as the other device,
firewall enabled

I want to be able to access selected folders from any machine and move files around.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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You should have simply gotten an access point for your shed, that is part of your main network, no bridges are needed or helpful.

An access point will simply talk to your main router, which will then be the dhcp server etc, as usual.

In wired terms, it's the same as running a cable out to the shed, hooking it to a network switch/hub, then plugging in all the shed computers to the switch, which gets its stuff routed by the main router.

I think most wifi routers have the option to be just an access point, I'm not sure though.

You basically thought a bit too much, and made it more complex than it needs to be.
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