Help with my "Container" please
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Alright. I'm still learning HTML, so this may or may not be a totally obvious question. I'm building a website in which all of the contents (text, pictures, tables, etc) are inside a container div. I have used the "padding" attribute of the container to make it end a little ways down the page from the last content. There is one image which it doesn't seem to take into account, however. The image was originally floating to the right side of a paragraph. It is now inside of a one celled table. In both cases the container ends after the TEXT, which is considerably shorter than the image (meaning that the image is hanging off onto the background). I am having similar problems with a large table on a different page of the site. I do NOT want to use the overflow property, as scroll bars mess up all of the nifty formatting. Is there any way that I can mark tables and images so that the container takes the entirety of them into account?
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