Unable to share files..ect..
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ok long story short....
OS: Win XP Home

File sharing is on

I am UNABLE to see my own shared files/folders in "My Network Places"

When i go to turn on sharing for a new folder the "Setting Folder Permission" window pops up but never sets

I can goto "Add Network Place" and I can see the workgroup but i cant access

When i goto "View workgroup computers" i get an error "Workgroup is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this network resource."

Ive uninstalled and reinstalled all the tcp/ip and File/Printer sharing protocols and still dosnt work..

Any help is greatly appreacited
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Sorry, we should have had up a forum rules indicating that we aren't really interested in supporting average user questions here. Our mistake, we've added a forum rules posting that says something to this affect.

In general, these windows forums are oriented towards system administrators with technical solutions and issues that might be of use or service to other system administrators.

Things to check in your case are if you have set the workgroup already, and some other things, all too tedious to get into. When windows networking works, it's quite nice and reliable, but when it doesn't, it can take ages to diagnose and correct the issues. Those are ages we'd rather spend on learning more robust, stable systems like Linux.
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