error when trying to install windows xp fom cd
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when trying to install windows xp home from cd after i format my pc error shows:
fatal error
an error has been encountered that prevents setup from continuing.
one of the components that windows needs to continue setup could not be installed.
data error(cyclic redundancy check)
if you are installing from cd , ther might be a problem with the disc; try cleaning the disc or using another disc .
how can i get other disc? my cd has the licence.
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The error is clear enough, and since it's a Microsoft product, it's not clear to us why you are posting here. Obviously, call Microsoft, and ask them for help, it's their product.

Have fun trying to convince them it's real, if it is. In the future, make sure to take better care of your cd install disks. Also, try cleaning the disk, sometimes they are incredibly dirty.

Other than that there's nothing really more to say, this issue has nothing to do with anything other than you and microsoft.

From experience, sometimes you can salvage a damaged cdrom by making a copy of it with a high end cd copying program like nero, set to the most aggressive repeated reads of bad sectors. But that varies.
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A bit of a pita, but, might want to try this if cleaning the disk, copying it to another disk or trying another rom itself doesn't work.

1. Copy your Windows XP Setup CD contents to your harddrive. **warning** I recommend saving the xp install files/folders to a seperate partition

2. Boot your pc with a windows 98 se bootdisk with smartdrv.exe on the floppy (increases data transfer speed in dos). You do not need to boot with CD support since we're installing XP from the files on your harddrive

3. Once you get to the command prompt, you can format the partition where you are installing xp if you want by typing: format driveletter: replace driveletter with the drive, Then go through the prompts.

4. Once that finishes, change drives to the drive with XP on it.
Then: CD WINXP (change directory to winxp folder) and enter

Enable smartdrv, just type: smartdrv and then type it again. The second time you type it and hit enter it will show the status of the drives and cache'ing.

5. Now, change directory to the i386 folder, by typing: cd i386 (this folder's full path would be or whatever partition you have the xp install files/folders installed to > D:\winxp\i386\).
Then type winnt to start the installation.

Just install XP like normal.

If you want to then convert to NTFS after the install and rebooted into the system it's pretty simple

Just go to the Command Prompt and execute the command:

C:\> CONVERT C: /fs:ntfs

Where C: is a name of the drive you want to convert.

After machine re-boot conversion process will start and you'll have your FAT32 converted to NTFS without of data loss.

Hope this helps and makes sense
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error when installing Xp
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I'm trying to install Windows Xp, the setup run smoothly until
after copying windows files onto the drive, when it restarts it gives an error message saying: a disk read error occurred. press alt+ctrl+del to restart.

what should i do, i tried installing with another disk but still gives me an error.
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