How can I find out software and hardware information?
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There are a few very easy ways to find out what software and hardware versions you are using.

Open the software application, click on 'help' on the main menu bar, then select the "About [ your software product name ]", ( for example, on Internet Explorer, it will say 'About Internet Explorer' ) when you click that a window will open up that tells you the version number of the sotware you are using.

To find out what Operating system you are using (with a windows computer), right click on the 'My Computer' desktop icon, if you have icons, some windows XP installations don't have any, then select 'properties', a window will open, on the 'general' tab you will see listed several things, what operating system and service pack you are using, how much ram your computer has available, and the speed of your processor, plus the brand name, for example AMD or Intel, then the processor id/speed.

You can also reach this through your 'control panel', just open that, select 'system', that opens the same window as above, then go on.

For more in depth hardware information, leave that winow open, select the 'hardware' tab, click on the 'Device Manager' button, this gives you a list of all installed hardware on your computer. Any red or yellow mark, or any main item that shows some yellow or red item, means that there is a problem with that device, usually a problem with the device driver, or a simple hardware failure.
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