Nifty Corners - OK what have I done wrong!
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Where I have used the Nifty Corners (the ATTRACTING, CONVERTING and KEEPING boxes!), the HTML or CSS is forcing an additional column .. what have I done wrong?

<link removed because site will be fixed one day, and no one here is going to go through that much code to find a subtle css/html bug>
ps. apologies for the untidy coding!
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Since I've always felt that this method is absolutely horrible, and prone to failure, is bloated and doomed to break on some future (and probably current) browser update, I am locking this thread now.

Nasty CSS hacks should be avoided as a rule, they almost never work consistently, are a pain to maintain long term, and offer very little benefit to users, and are far too complex for average cut and paste script kiddies to ever really understand or debug themselves.
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