RSEIUB sysrq linux kernel restart when frozen
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I came across this while working on a kernel bug, since my system keeps freezing when I make the bug activate, the sysrq + key letters sequence. More from wikipedia

Reboot System Even If Utterly Broken
(I'll repeat this 3 times on this page, and I'll bet you remember it when you leave... )

Now, the sequence works fine, as advertised, but for some really weird reason, the linux world decided on what has to be one of the worst mnemonic devices I've ever seen:

Raising Skinny Elephants is ... something, see, I can't actually even remember it. Why? Because it has NOTHING To do with anything. It's totally random. Geeks, again, proving their lack of common sense, as if this were needed. Here's a good explanation.

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Here is how you "raise the elephant":

Alt+SysRq+r ( The LEFT Alt key ) ( SysRq is on the same button as print screen )

Give a little time between keystrokes.

The r stands for put keyboard in raw mode
The s for sync the disk
The e for terminate all processes
The i for kill all processes
The u for remount all filesystems read only
The b for reboot the system

(yes, you have to contort your hands to hit all these at once using left alt key.. but you can do it... heh heh)

So I gave it some thought, looked at the sequence, and realized, how obvious:
To reboot:
Reboot System Even If Utterly Broken

And more... shutdown, no reboot
To halt:
Rescue System Execute Instant Unconditional Off

That makes sense, it fits the problem, it's easy to remember, since you are in fact restarting the system even if it's utterly broken.

So forget about the elephants, that's a completely silly memory aid, it doesn't work, instead, reboot system even if utterly broken, you'll find that sits right in your head, since it's directly related to the problem, and not some unreal and logically incorrect string (why would it be boring to raise skinny elephants, after all? Makes no sense.)

The word 'utterly' I'd like to get rid of, I'll see if I can think of something else to replace it.

So remember....
Reboot System Even If Utterly Broken

Or, if you prefer 'borked':
Reboot System Even If Utterly Borked

the o means halt, the b actually means reboot.
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