Forum Rules: no Microsoft or Dreamweaver type questions
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Autogenerated junk code not supported
In the future, all questions related to Frontpage or Dreamweaver autogenerated code will be deleted.

If you are having a problem with your Frontpage code, the cause is very simple: Frontpage has always sucked, and will always suck. It's the worst product on the market. If you can't be bothered to learn how to do real programming, we can't be bothered trying to help you.

If you are having problems with these junk tools, then learn to do real programming and stop relying on crippleware and crutches. We can't make these products good, and we can't make them do programming, and neither should you try to do that.

There are other forums out there who want to help you, please find them, this isn't one of them.

'Please write my code for me for free' type questions
For some reason some people think that other people want to write your code for you. And for free. We don't. If you don't have any code written yet, or at least an interesting question about possible code (by interesting we mean: you already know programming, but have come across some situation you aren't sure about), we won't write your code for you.

That's without any exceptions, if you can't even write some sample lines, why would you expect anyone else to write them for you?

If you need commercial programming services, feel free to send me an inquiry, and I'll quote you rates etc. Otherwise don't expect anyone to do your work for you.

Now, if you have some real code, written by you, and can post some samples of the problematic area, that's always welcome and of interest.

Questions about working with Microsoft products of any kind
Please find another forum, don't bother posting your question, we will delete it, sorry. Zero free support here for non-free, closed source, proprietary methods and systems, especially when it comes to programming. The web is filled with sites happy to help you, please find one of them.
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