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I'm trying to determine the most efficient way to capture visitor information before allowing them access to content such as white papers, pdfs.

This is my plan so far but will require more work than it should only because I don't know .asp.

    User clicks on a link for a white paper
    User is taken to a form page which checks to see if a cookie exists
    if cookie exists the user redirected to white paper
    if cookie doesnt exist then display form page
    On form submittal, the information is captured
    User is redirected to a confirmation page
    A cookie is set
    User is redirected to white paper.

The problem is that I'll have to create a new form and a separate confirmation page every time we want to add protected content.

How could I create one form page which requests cookies, sets cookies, and redirects to the content requested?
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This is my plan so far but will require more work than it should only because I don't know .asp.

Please see the web programming description text:
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No ASP questions, no vbscript, no JSP questions please.

We don't support ASP questions. Why? Because ASP sucks, reason 1, and reason 2, it's a completely proprietary language, and has no place in the free internet as far as is concerned.

However, you already have the pseudo code written, so you're half way there. The next step is to stop using IIS and ASP and switch to apache and php.

Generally, most people won't write your code for you by the way, since that's what you get paid to do, but people will help you debug or figure out specific issues you have with code you are writing.
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