My website doesn't work on some computers.
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I put together a fairly complex website and it doesn't function on some computers, especially macs. I used the Microsoft script editor to write the pages and used vbscript as the scripting language. I originally thought it might of been because I didnt have the <!DOCTYPE> tag as the first line on all the pages but even after including the tag, no change (actually there was a change. All the text fonts were changed but no functionality change).
Problem 1:
On my first page I use the [SetInterval] function to execute commands at a specific time interval. This works fine on my writing computer and on my test computer. It also works fine on my friend's computer of whom I'm writing the site for. Another friend has a mac and he can load the page but the event timer doesn't work. Another friend has a PC and again, the timer doesnt start on his computer.
Problem 2:
My second page is my menu page. I used a table to set up my menu buttons. I used the table cells themselves as the buttons rather than adding extra <input> tags. I used CSS to simulate the cells as buttons. Again, the buttons work fine on both my computers and on my first friends computer but not on my other 2 friends' computers. They can load the page but the buttons don't work and the curser doesn't change on their computers when they mouseover the buttons.
On my pages, I use the following script in the [window_onload] function to change the browser size to maximum.
window.moveTo 0, 0
window.resizeTo window.screen.availWidth,window.screen.availHight
Could this be a possible problem?
Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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You're trying to make a complex web site using microsoft script editor and microsoft proprietary scripting languages like vbscript?

What do you expect, of course this won't work cross browser or cross platform, nobody uses vbscript, that's a joke. If you want things to work cross platform and cross browser, stop using proprietary MS only tools for starters.

And if you want to put together a complex website, stop using that MS junk to make it with, learn the real stuff like Javascript if you must use scripting at all.

By the way, take the time to note that we don't support any vbscript questions here, it's been a total joke since it was introduced, and the market left it behind years ago, only MS has been stupid enough to keep trying to promote it.

Your stuff won't function cross platform / browser until you stop developing it on these terrible tools, and until you learn something about html, css, and javascript. Ideally some programming languages too for the server, like php.

Anyway, no further comment on this since we don't support any of the technologies you're trying to use, for very good reason.

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