Debian to Mepis and maybe back to Debian
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Hello Forum!

I have started out on a Linux journey. I have a very old ChemBook laptop computer that had had Windows 95 on it. The world (the on-line world, in particular) had advanced to the point where this laptop was really no longer useful. So I had been thinking that this was a good chance to start learning Linux.

Then a project had developed at work where some other programmers had decided to start using Debian. So I started attempting to install Debian. This did not go very smoothly.

The latest version of Debian (Etch) did not agree immediately with my video hardware. I struggled with this for a while and eventually decided to give Mepis a shot. This worked.

Now I am thinking that once I get some other hardware issue resolved I might switch again after I learn more about Linux.

So this is where I am now. Any suggestions?

I think what I need to do is to become well versed on command-line level Linux. Can anyone suggest a good website, tutorial, or ebook?
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I can't tell if you're talking about running some linux distro on your laptop or not. If you are, what is it? What cpu, how fast, how much ram?

If not, what are you planning to run Linux with. You're not going to have much fun with an old windows 95 era laptop even if you go with one of the ultra light distros like Puppy or DSL.

The best way to learn Linux is to start using it, and the best first thing to learn is that Linux is the kernel, not the operating system.

But do yourself a favor, run it on at least semi decent hardware.

Give a try, that's a very fast distro, and it's real debian, not pseudo debian like Mepis. And it's easy to install. But it wont' install on older hardware, nothing less than Pentium 3 type processor.

What distro depends on what hardware you have.

There's thousands of pages of tutorials out there stuff to look for is bash tutorials. is a good place to start.
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