Someone hooked-up to my network?
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For my general networking knowledge:

In a place where there are network wall sockets all over the building, Can someone bring their own laptop computer and set the default gateway and a ip address correctly and browse the internet same way people do with a unprotected hotspot? If so, is there a way to stop this?

Also, from what I know, they can see the internal resources (computers, printers, etc...) even though they cannot access the shared resources without logging in. This isn't right (ethically and security wise). Is there a way to stop this? Usually what kind of security measures do companies take? (I do not have work experience)

Again adding to my first question, if there are guest users who needs to access the internet, is there a way to do this by entering a password, so that only who knows the password can access their internet connection?
eg: a hotel room internet connection (just an example).

Any comments, links are welcomed. Thanks...
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I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you are running a windows network, it certainly sounds like it.

If you want to control all traffic, there's lots of ways to do that, using a proxy like squid for example is one. If you're a network admin, you should buy the book. And here's a more in depth look. Here's a brief overview of squid.

I'm sure there are lots of different methods, since this isn't a particularly obscure requirement, it's not something I've needed to do so I can't say in terms of specifics.

Lots of fun stuff, that's one way, there are I'm sure many others, and if you're a network admin, it's your job to learn them, select the one that fits your needs most closely, then implement it.
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