other ways windows xp home is crippled
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No real way to get to standard windows security dialogue box, just this crippled stuff. Thanks to whoozoo.co.uk for their concise explanation of the problem.

I'm hoping that todays xp install is the last one I ever do, at least for free.

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For machines running Windows XP Home edition, you will not be able to use the notes above to view the file permissions within your Windows Explorer file browser. Microsoft has decided that users running the Home edition of XP should not be allowed to, or will never want to, see these permission settings. But, since you are reading this document, you most likely DO want to exercise your right to view and/or change those permission settings. Even though Microsoft has deliberately dumbed down XP Home so that "XP Home Edition-based computers always have Simple File Sharing enabled", there still are ways in which you can work with file permission settings.

read the rest though, it's a good page, check it out, nice job.
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