Table which resizes horizontally and vertically
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I need a table in a page which resizes horizontally and vertically with the browser window that means if half of the page is empty table should occupy the half of the page with vertical horizontal turned on if required. Same for width.

I need a table in a DIV tag so that I can get horizontal and vertical scrolling for DIV if table content width/height is more than the available space in the page.
It works all fine if I specify DIV width/height in px. But I don't want to hard code the size (Height/Width). I could achieve this for height but for width I am unable to do it. I always end up in page horizontal scroll bar which I don't want. I have some 30 odd columns in the table.

Could you propose any solution?
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Maybe this will help:
:: Code ::

<div style="width: 50%; overflow: auto;">

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