Firefox media player connectivity extension
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Try this if you are sick of trying to make Firefox actually handle various mimetypes in a reliable fashion.

media player connectivity.

Why the current Firefox developers have made the decision to strip out almost all ability to control media types in terms of easy assignment of mimetypes to applications is absolutely beyond me, but I hope it's something that they eventually decide to fix, outgrow, etc.

My biggest fear is that they've been defending their stupid decisions for long enough to make back tracking to a more coherent path too embarrassing for them, since they'd have to admit just how bad their 1.5 firefox and beyond decisions have been, especially in regards to mimetype handling and file save/open. Of course the latter is mostly the fault of their decision on Linux to use the absolutely horrible gtk engine's file handlers. Which basically makes all Linux Firefox users have to use the worst file handler even devised.

I don't know if this extension will fix all the mistakes, but hopefully it will at least make firefox slightly more useable.

<Note to Firefox Linux developers: making bad useability decisions is not a good thing, ok? I know that Windows Firefox users don't have to suffer through the horrible gtk file handling dialogues so you don't hear this that often, and gnome/gtk fans tend to fall into the: just use configuration files to adjust it camp, which is fine if you want to spend your life hunting down various configuration howtos. The rest of us just want an easy to use applictation, not a ridiculously dumbed down, poorly thought out set of defaults that don't fit our needs. Learn that using items like 'Advanced Options' is not a sin, it's simply recognizing that your defaults not only may not be what users want, they may be bad. So make it easy, not hard, to change advanced options.>
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