Restoring broken kde menus
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To restore kde menus if you break them as user, you'll need to restore this file from backup, or create a new one by creating a new user, logging in as that user, logging out, then copying over this file:

/home/<user name>/.config/menus/ and

Read more on the headache that is the kde menu editing system at kde-menu

KDE's menuing system and editor is very delicate, and does not support many changes between saves. It's basically just an xml file of the differences between the user edited menu and the system master menu. The logic that drives this however is extremely poorly designed, so when you try making very large changes, especially to things like the debian menu items if you use a debian derived distro, or the system or utility menu items, you may end up with a completely broken kde menu.

Although I really like kde, I do not like how they handle their menus at all, it's very sloppy and poorly executed, and will definitely require a full redo if they ever hope to stabilize that part of KDE enough to be able to handle real world user requirement.

Not to mention the absolutely horrible default menu information design.
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