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I am working on a corporate letter head template for one of my colleagues and was wondering how to create a macro so that a message box appears upon entering the file requesting the information for him to enter into specific place on the letter, sort of like a mail merge but more specific the information needed to be typed in would be:

-Contact Name

-Address one

-Address Two


-OS number

-SAE Visc grade

-Brand name

-Company Name

this information would need to be input into very specific areas of the letter such as the centre of a sentence where the Oil company's name is mentioned or the customer's name is entered... this would make his job a lot easier when creating a new letter instead of spending time writing the entire letter from scratch each time the he needs to send a reblend approval....

I was wondering if you knew of any code that may be up to this task?

Thanks’ in advance

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I don't have any scripts for word, don't use it any more, nobody here does that I know of.

However, if you search the web, you should have no problems finding MS word macros to do what you need done, I just don't know of any, sorry.

At some point we'll probably shut down the commercial software and windows forums, it's just not a focus here any more, it's all Open Source now. To me working with MS products is like being forced to listen to bad pop music, Abba, Journey, Whitney Houston, whatever.
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While I pretty much agree about word, winsoftware etc., I happen to LOVE Abba and Journey.

In other words, "bad pop music" is entirely in the ear of the listener.

[Edit much later: for the OP, you really need to search using goog or whichever you favor, for office or word user groups. They're the ones who would be in a position to help you out.]
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