Having problem with hover buttons to function
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I am experiencing problems with getting Front Page 98ís hover buttons to function. Below here i include the codes. Thank you in advance.

<applet code="fphover.class" codebase="./" width="120" height="24">
<param name="color" value="#000080">
<param name="hovercolor" value="#0000FF">
<param name="textcolor" value="#FFFFFF">
<param name="text" value="C Programming">
<param name="effect" value="glow">
<param name="url" valuetype="ref" value="http://examplesite.com/">
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We don't support frontpage. That's the worst html editor in existence, and has been for many years. Try something that actually works, like dreamweaver if you absolutely must use a WYSIWYG type editor.

Or, better yet, learn how to code it yourself. Sorry for the lack of help, but front page 98 has to be one of the most truly horrible products ever unleashed onto the internet, and trying to make it do anything at all is an excercise it total futility.

I'm happy to report that even microsoft finally has given up on the horrible frontpage line, and has replaced it this year with a new html editor, which I'm sure will be bad in a completely new way.

The 'hover' affect is best handled by the CSS attribute 'hover', not by some lame and poorly executed object tags that won't work on anything else than MSIE.

To make any tag hover, use CSS, like this [sample colors, of course. Normally you'd use hexidecimal colors to get the full color ranges]:

:: Code ::
a {
a:hover {

Using an <applet>, which i is fully deprecated html by the way, to create hover has to be the most silly thing I've seen in recent memory. And using <object> is equally silly, by the way in this context.
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