Device name already in use Error
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The company I work for are trying to get 2 laptops connected to our corporate network via a Netscreen remote connection to a Netscreen 5gt. We already have 3 laptops connected and working, 2 wirelessly and 1 wired.
The user logs onto the laptop with the network login details that they would use if they were on site using a direct connection. They then login to netscreen with the same user name but with a different password. (Could this cause a problem?)

The user can see all of the drive i.e. G, H, etc but when trying to acces them it says 'this device name is already in use' it cannot be reconnected. Now we have a few thoughts on what the problem could be:

1) the drive mappings are being cached somewhere after an internal connection and therefor when the user tries to login externally, and the login script assigns the drive mappings the error message is stating that the drives are already in use.

2) the connection is timing out before the user has chance to acces the drives, so by the time they get to access them the connection has timed out. I think this is a long shot but maybe the MTU could have an impact if this was a problem. God knows where you change the MTU setting.

3) something is blocking the access to the server. Whether it be a port or firewall. I am presuming that all laptops would connect to the same port so have ruled that out and have ensured that both laptops have disabled Windows Firewall.

In my eyes we really need to log the port accessing to see if when each user sees the drives they are actually onto the network. The user can ping the server but not the dataserver or any of the users on the network. One thing I should point out is that all of these Laptops did work originally on first set-up at my home, but it seems that they have either just reverted back to the internal network login credentials or the user has used them on the internal network before using them at home. To try and narrow it down I set them up again and then left them for a few hours and then tried to reconnect but both times the connection was exactly the same as the user gets at their own homes.

I hope this is enough information for someone to offer some help.

Thankyou in advance

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Never dealt with Netscreen stuff before. they might have someone over there who can help you. Or a similar highly specialized type forum.
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