Article about Windows crackers, DOS, password theft etc
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Read the full washington post article.

It's very long, and interviews an average computer cracker, aka hacker, 20 year old kid who earns good money doing it.

Learn what botnets, trojans, backdoors, password grabbers, etc, actually mean to home users.

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Hacked, remote-controlled home computers, known as robots or "bots," and large groups of robot networks like the one 0x80 runs -- called "botnets" -- are the souped-up cyber engines driving nearly all criminal commerce on the Internet. Botnets are used to relay millions of pieces of junk e-mail, or spam, touting everything from cheap Viagra to get-rich-quick business schemes. And the botmasters who control these computer networks are at the heart of ominous and increasingly common online shakedowns known as "denial of service attacks."

Anyway, give it a read, this stuff is talked about so often, but most people actually don't really understand the mechanisms used to do this type of work.
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