Stallman on Gpl v3 - intellectual property unreal
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Richard Stallman recently gave a talk on the Gpl v3 at free software foundation europe. As usual, Stallman's observations tend to cut right to the heart of the matter:

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Before I get into the main subject, which is the plans for version three of the GPL, I want to mention a very important fundamental issue.

There is a term that some people use, which causes terrible confusion and should never be used, and that is the term "intellectual property". Now, I heard someone mention that term. I don't think he was explaining why that term should not be used.

It is devastatingly harmful to use the term "intellectual property" because that term implies the existence of something which does not exist.

Copyright law exists. Patent law exists. They have almost nothing in common in terms of the requirements that they put on the public. Trademark law also exists.

Check it out, it's thought provoking.
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