Internet Explorer to change how active x works
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Read a good explanation at Apple.

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In early 2006, Microsoft will make changes available for its Internet Explorer browser for Windows. The changed Internet Explorer for Windows handles active content, such as QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, Java and other ActiveX controls in a new way. Rather than automatically rendering and displaying active content, the updated browser prompts the user to confirm each active content item on a page. Not all websites will be affected by the upcoming changes to Internet Explorer for Windows. Your website may be affected if it features active content that is contained in an HTML web page using <object>, <embed>, or <applet> tags. This document describes changes that can be made to the way web pages are coded, so that webmasters, website owners, businesses, and individuals can ensure their websites will continue to provide a similar experience for all visitors no matter what browser they are using.

That's the direct result of a recent patent victory against Microsoft. Patents for this kind of stuff are bad news, especially stuff like that.

Although the patent holder now claims to be uninterested in chasing after open source projects too that might use the same technology, that is just a few words said in an interview, that could change at any time. We'll see what happens, I'm sure Opera has heard from these people too. And Mac's Safari.
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