How do I save emails from outlook
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I must apologise as I am rubbish at computers.

Could anyone tell me how I can save all my Outlook emails (in all folders) so that I can install them on another computer running the same version of microsoft outlook 2003?

Thanks in advance.

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Outlook files are pst, just copy and save all your .pst files from your profile folder on the old computer to the new one. If I remember right, the .pst file contains all the folders, they aren't real folders.

There may be a few others, I never deal with Outlook though so I'm not up on it.

Outlook pst files are usually located here:
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\

Here's a thread with some more information on outlook files. While you're not going to be moving the default location, the rest is about the same. Just setup your new outlook, with user information etc, setup email: But DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY NEW EMAILS. Then close outlook. Then copy over your pst file from the old machine. Be aware that usually when you burn data to a cd it's read only, so you have to change it back to read-write or outlook won't be able to write to the .pst file.
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