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zdnet recently ran this interview with Eben Moglen. This person has a very clear understanding of what he, and free software, is all about. The interview is quite long, many pages, but it's very educational if you've been wondering about the nitty gritty of the free software movement.

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The idea that we are anti-capitalist is a stupid idea. Free software is not anti-capitalist. Capitalism now makes a great deal of money out of free software and it voluntarily pays us money to make, improve and lawyer for it.

Some people decided to make knowledge into property. That wasn't capitalism speaking; that was a greedy scam. There wasn't anything normatively acceptable about it. It contravened the freedom of speech and ideas. We didn't engage in it because it was excluding people from ideas.

Nice to see that ethics and principle are still to be found.

Aside from GNU, his law firm now represents Apache, Wine, and

For more, read another article by Moglen, with this choice tidbit:

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Microsoft internal assessment of the situation leaked in October 1998 and subsequently acknowledged by the company as genuine concluded that "Linux represents a best-of-breed UNIX, that is trusted in mission critical applications, and - due to it's [sic] open source code - has a long term credibility which exceeds many other competitive OS's."

That article is pretty long so get ready to settle in for a while.
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