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Check it out, powersave project home page

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KPowersave is the KDE frontend for the powersave daemon. It provides battery monitoring, suspend/ standby triggers and many more features for KDE (and GNOME).

Current feature list:
- support ACPI and APM
- trigger suspend to disk/ram and standby
- switch cpu frequency policy (between: performance, dynamic and powersave)
- applet icon with information about AC state, battery fill and battery (warning) states
- applet tooltip with information about battery fill and remaining battery time/percentage
- scheme specific settings (see below)
- autosuspend (to suspend the machine if the user is a defined time inactive)
- a global and scheme specific configurable blacklist with programmes which prevent autosuspend (e.g. videoplayer and cd burning tools)
- trigger lock screen and select the lock methode
- KNotify support for many events

More at kde-apps

Short review here.

If you have problems getting it running, this project forum thread may give you some useful pointers.
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