Tutorial on creating 32 bit chroot in debian 64
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Read the tutorial here.

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One way - they say - is to install the ia32-libs, but I wanted to be all clean about it and use the arguably harder ‘chroot' method. This way, one can achiev a modular, easily upgradeble system. Both 64- and 32- bit apps and separated from each other, and all users can - compeletly transparently - call the 32-bit apps from within their 64-bit text consoles and DEs.

For what it's worth, I tried running 64 bit and it's really not worth it in my opinion, unless you are assigning massive blocks of memory or something.

We'll see how 64 bit stuff advances in the future, for now it's just an interesting thing you can do. But this tutorial points to one method you can use if you need it.
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