Chandler Calendaring software 0.6 released
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This release is now useable, 0.6. Read the newsforge review.

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Back in 2002, the newly formed Open Source Applications Foundation announced that it would change the way corporate and consumer users looked at email and calendaring by releasing an application called Chandler. Workable Chandler 0.6 builds are now available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. As a work in progress, it shows plenty of promise.

Chandler is a personal information manager (PIM) suite, designed, according to the OSAF, to cater to "info-centric" users. OSAF's plan is to sidestep all of the entrenched thinking about PIM applications that derive from the dominance of Microsoft Outlook and come up with new ways to work with PIM data.

Definitely worth checking out I'd say. Good move to make it available on Linux, Windows, and OSX platforms. This stuff has to be easy for people to move between platforms on. That's a big reason for Firefox's and Thunderbird's success.

Nice to see more and more Python developments happening, that took a while to start hitting the mainstream of programmers, but it's not surprising since it's a language built by and for programmers.
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