Sharing profiles on dual boot machines: firefox and tbird
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This one I think works, from ars technica forums:

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Now, in your profile directory, make symlinks (ln -s /path/to/win/profile/file) for any file that does not deal with extensions or have absolute links in them. delete your bookmarks.html file (it will now be read from win profile b/c of the prefs.js). Files that I recommend making links for, if you have them, are <rand#>.s <rand#.w> *.mab cert8.db, collectedabook cookies.txt cookperm.txt history.dat key3.db mailViews.dat secmod.db training.dat chrome/userChrome.css chrome/userContent.css . again, if you don't have some of these files, dont' worry, but if you do you should link them to make things sync up. This will not allow you to sync extensions and many parts of prefs.js. If someone could figure out how to sync adblock prefs (namely, the list of blocked sites) that'd be awesome. You can also copy more of prefs.js than I indicated above, but do note that some of prefs.js is extension specific, so you probably shouldn't copy those prefs over until you install the exention. I've done this once, but it works very well.

This one from mozillazine forums:
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