getting Wine running your windows applications
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This can be challenging sometimes. Here's some resources to help you out:

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This website contains all the information you need to get some popular Windows applications and games running on Linux using Wine.

IEs 4 Linux: script that installs IE 5, 5.5, and 6 running through wine. Great stuff, let's test it.

First off, when you run this script, make sure you're not in root mode or it will install the ies in /root/bin and root/.ies4linux, which you don't want. Surprisingly, IE 6 will run as standard user, but the other won't. Obviously, I made that mistake, LOL...

However, just run the downloaded ies4linux script as standard user and you'll be fine. Warning, this is about a 250 mB download if you install all 3. The browsers come from in case you're wondering.

And it works, amazing, great script. I now have MSIE 6, 5.5, and 5. And not only do they run, they run at the same time. I assume each is running in the new wine protected bottles.

Frankscorner has lots of links to resources to get this stuff running, including dreamweaver mx.

More to come
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