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The free software revolution comes to Venezuela

More countries will start to understand why allowing MS windows to power their infrastructure is not a good idea, for many reasons. Read the story by David Sugar. David Sugar is an active maintainer for a number of packages that are part of the GNU project, including GNU Bayonne. He recently travelled to Venezuela to speak at a conference. The article is an overview of his experience.

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Many of these worker co-ops are composed of very small startups that typically have 10 people or less. Minep offers training and support, as well as financing, to allow co-ops to purchase computing systems for their business needs. These systems are now offered entirely with free software, starting with the Debian GNU/Linux operating system, along with Open Office for general business use, and web hosting under Apache.

Why countries keep throwing money at Microsoft is beyond me. Well, to be honest, I doubt Venezuela threw much money at MS at any point, but this is more about controlling your own future and destiny in terms of computing infrastructure than it is about saving a few dollars. Although saving the dollars is good too.

This was, by the way, very predictable. Once MS made their software harder to pirate, they raised the bar, and made it more likely that people would start looking elsewhere for computing solutions. Talk about short-sighted thinking, LOL... it's pretty funny, actually.

I knew this would happen when I read about MS's first product activation stuff. But it's not just that, there are real security issues in Windows, the NSA enforced backdoor in Windows is just one instance of why a nation should not use Windows. There are lots of other reasons.
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