Interview with Richard Stallman [RMS]
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Read this recent interview if you want to get an idea of how Stallman currently is thinking about various key issues, especially DRM [or Digital Restrictions Management, as he correctly calls it], P2P file sharing, and the GPL 3.

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LinuxP2P: In what directions would you say P2P has to develop before it is accepted by content producers?

RMS: When publishers describe the works that they publish as "content", in effect referring to these works as mere filler, they ironically show how little they value and appreciate them as works of the intellect.

I do not wish to devalue works of authorship, so I decline to refer to them as "content". I also decline to refer to writers and musicians as "producers", because I do not want to treat music and writing as "products" (which implies a narrowly economic point of view).

It's so refreshing to read someone who actually has respect for the creative spirit, and who refuses to play linguistic games about that part of human endeavors.

Although there is a big debate right now about RMS's GPL 3, when you cut down to it, he's right, and always has been right. That might not end up being 'practical', but it doesn't change the fact that he's right.

There's more discussion here:

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With opposing camps in the open-source movement proceeding down completely different paths, a showdown looms. Linus Torvalds, father of the Linux operating system, already has objected to the provisions proposed for GPL3, stating flatly that he'll simply stick to terms of the old license for the Linux kernel even after the new version is issued sometime next year.

The widening split has industry leaders alarmed. Stallman's free-software utopians are far outnumbered by the more pragmatic open sourcers, but his camp is home to an incredible talent pool that could be lost to the software-developer community at large if Stallman digs in his heels.

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