Looking for a good Linux distro for bootable USB drive
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I'm interested in finding a decent Linux distribution that I can carry around with me on my USB key. I've looked at &#$@ Small Linux, but besides having an aversion to the name, it doesn't seem to have SATA support, which I need. I tried FlashLinux, but can't make it work. Are there any others that I should try? I know there are a lot available, but a personal recommendation would be nice before trying ALL of them! ;)
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I haven't tried them either, but I know that a kanotix derived one, cpx mini, is designed for usb drive.

And since IMO Kanotix is one of the best distros out there, this would probably be a natural for one of the best usb based ones.

But chech out slax too. Note one thing about slax, it uses a different type of file system, if I remember right, it loads itself into ram, then only writes any changes to itself on shutdown, which means that your usb stick doesn't get fried from too many write operations.

Try the tested cpx-mini version though, that's the best bet for a usb distro where everything will just work, since it uses kanotix hardware detection, which is really good.

I agree on DSL, I just tried that, disappointing I have to say.
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