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I have XP home and cannot figure out how to enable password protection in order to log back on after the screensaver goes on. I've checked other resources but to no avail. any ideas?
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Yes, you need to use a screensaver, not just a black screen, first of all. From a pcworld article:

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Right-click the desktop and choose Properties. Click the Screen Saver tab and choose a screen saver from the drop-down list (if needed). Specify the wait time and check On resume, display Welcome screen or On resume, password protect. Now open Control Panel. If you're using Category View, click the Performance and Maintenance icon. Click or double-click Power Options. Click the Advanced tab and make sure Prompt for password when computer resumes from standby is checked. Click OK.

As you can see, two things are required, first to use a screensaver. Next is to go to the power options and follow the above steps.

Let me know if that solves it for you.

If for some reason you don't see the screensaver login option on the display properties, go to the performance and maintenance option and set that there, then go back to the screen display and see if the option now appears.
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