kanotix install instructions and update gui
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Installing Kanotix
A very nice tutorial on installing kanotix is over at the kanotix forums.

Kanotix-update-gui questions
As usual with high end geeks, the guy's over at the kanotix forums talk about stuff that they assume everyone knows about. One such thing is the kanotix-update-gui, which actually appears nowhere in your installed system.

In fact, to get it, you have to add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list file:

:: Code ::
# Loibl's Scripte
deb http://www.andreas-loibl.de/linux/debian/ ./

Do an apt-get update to load the contents, then do an apt-get install kanotix-update-gui and you'll have it.

This is what you use for things like kernel upgrades.

One day linux guys will learn how to provide all the information you need to do what you want to do. But until that day comes, we'll do our best here at techpatterns.com to fill in the blanks.

Today, however, the install results in an unmet dependencies error. Oh well.
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