Konqueror 3.5 passes the Acid 2 CSS test
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I just installed KDE 3.5, upgrading from 3.4.3, so of course. Of course, I had to see if the Safari Applewebkit changes that had allowed Safari to be the first Browser to pass the Acid 2 CSS test had been integrated into KHTML, the original source code used by Safari. Since KHTL is GPL'ed software, Apple must give back all its code changes to the KHTL open source project.

And it works. The smiling face is complete. Nice going Apple and KHTML.

I'm not going to claim that passing acid 2 means sites will all work perfectly, they won't, but it's still a huge step up. MSIE 7 has no plans on passing it, neither as far as I know does Firefox. Opera does plan on it.
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