O'Reilly's ONLAMP discusses Open Source software
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Read the whole article, yet another way to avoid the ideology and look at this stuff from a really different perspective. Not saying it's right or wrong, just saying it's not stupid, and it's from O'Reilly, which makes it worth a look no matter what.

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What if you discovered that everything you ever learned about open source growth was wrong? What if the narrative that pitches open source in terms of battling evil software giants wasn't actually correct? What if you learned that the recognized leaders of the open source movement were simply figureheads of a process already well under way? What if you learned that open source was neither good nor bad, but simply the manifestation of decades-old economic trends? What if companies mining the open source vein aren't taking the high road but rather ruthlessly applying a competitive advantage?

Forget what anyone has ever told you about open source, and learn this term: economies of scale. This is what has fueled the open source phenomenon.

But no need to pick one or the other, having different ways to look at the same thing doesn't mean that the other ways are wrong, it just means it's a complicated thing that can be examined productively from different perspectives.
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