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I am new to macros programming. I am in need of few word macros that would do the following.

1) if a line is having only "line break" character, then i would need it to be replaced with "before paragraph spacing" of the next paragraph (or) with "after paragraph spacing" of the previous paragraph.
2) in a paragraph of text, some lines end with "shift + enter" character and some doesnot. so, given a paragraph, for the lines which doesnot have "shift + enter" character at the end of the line, i need to place that.

It would be great if someone can help me on providing macros for above asap.

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Welcome to the forums, Guarev.

As a rule we don't usually write people's code for them, it's too time consuming. Once in a while, if the project or problem is unusually interesting we might make an exception, but word macros aren't in that category.

If you make some progress, and can post meaningful code samples, we'll be happy to take a look at that point.
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Actually, there are many places to get pre-written code like the macros you need, beginning with the Word website on itself; and google can provide you a huge list of word user groups, most of which have sections for the sort of thing you're looking for....
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