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Check out GenieOS, that's a pure Debian based distro, well, it's not a debian distro per se, it is debian. It's an independent project that simply makes debian proper easier to install than the install available from debian itself.

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This project is not about creating an additional distribution, rather, a CD that will help newer users with installing a Debian proper system along with common plug-ins (DVD, Flash, Java, and Mplayer). The CD includes options to install either the Gnome or Kde desktops.

From the site FAQs page:

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What version of Debian is GenieOS based on?
GenieOS uses packages from the stable branch (Sarge) with the plug-ins coming from unofficial sources.

Is it possible to upgrade to the Testing or Unstable branch of Debian?
Yes. You will need to edit your /etc/apt/sources.list file. Change anywhere it says "stable" to "testing" or "unstable". If you are upgraded to unstable, remove the line which points to security updates also. Now open a root terminal and issue apt-get update followed by apt-get remove hotplug and finally apt-get dist-upgrade.

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