Restoring damaged MBR in Linux
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Convenient tutorial on restoring the MBR in your linux system. We've all experienced at some point or other Windows deciding to overwrite the MBR, which of course deletes the Lilo or Grub MBR. One day Windows will learn to play nicely with others, but I'm not holding my breath.

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$ su -
# fdisk -l

This will list your hard disk partition information. From the listing, you can know in which partition you have linux installed. Now you have to mount the partition which contains the linux filesystem. For the sake of this discussion, let us assume it is /dev/hda3 .

# mount -t ext3 -o rw /dev/hda3 /mnt

Now your linux partition is mounted at /mnt . Next you have to use the chroot command as follows:

# chroot /mnt

# grub-install /dev/hda

#or to restore Lilo:
# /sbin/lilo

And that's about it, yet another useful trick for your linux live cd.
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