Linux thumbnail / photogallery viewers and generators.
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Useful article on linux thumbnail viewers.

Good, stuff, always looking for more tools so I can one day happily walk away from windows completely.

Gwenview for KDE sounds very good.
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The program has a host of batch file processing options. For instance, it can convert a bunch of .jpeg files that were taken using a digital camera to .png for Web site use....

Slide shows are a strong point of Gwenview.... the Cube transition puts each image on a cube and spins it around to display it. Fading between slides is very smooth. ...

Gwenview has an HTML album creator... Click Export -> HTML Export to assemble albums from selected images or an entire directory. You can also select the number of images per row, the look of your borders, or the background colors.

That sounds better than Photoshop's HTML album creator.

I'll definitely have to give that one a while, I do a lot of photo albums, so that one might save me quite a bit of time, we'll see.
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