Google running a new system?
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Reply Quote ran a story about Google funding a few developers. Not all that earthshaking, but there was one interesting observation in the story:

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Some developers have offered the company contributions meant to improve Google's open-source software--for example, to add 64-bit support to 32-bit software. That cooperation is awkward right now for reasons relating to intellectual-property control, DiBona said. page 2

So what's interesting about this? Quite a bit. Google has to be very careful accepting 64 bit ports due to intellectual property control. Which begs the question: if 64 bit patches etc can't be brought into the google linux system due to the requirement to protect intellectual property ( the core algo I assume ), doesn't this very strongly suggest that google has in fact switched to 64 bit processing?

It's not a huge point, and whether or not it's true won't have much impact on people having trouble with their site's positioning in google, but it does offer a tiny hint from an otherwise very tightlipped google about what type of technology may actually be running google currently.

And this extends further, to what the 2005 updates actually are. Especially bourbon and jagger. And why google is apparently taking such a big chance with jagger. My guess is that they have to, they held off, studied, built models, for as long as they could, then finally had to bite the bullet and actually roll out the new system, with full functionality.

Further, that system is most probably defined within the march 31 2005 patent appliction ( see search engine resources library item in this forum ).

While this is obviously nothing more than speculation, it's speculation that in my opinion connects enough dots in a convincing enough manner to make it my preferred way of making sense of the latest wave of google changes, since December 2004, which is when this process began I would guess. But guesses are all thiings like this can be.
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